Ashe Stelfire

The son of two avaricious fortune hunters, Ashe accompanied his parents on dozens of adventures in his early childhood until his father perished in an avalanche.  His mother supported him for another five years until she abandoned him to fend for himself.  Ashe taught himself with his mother’s discarded mancy books through his adolescence, working as non-contracted labor in Decadia’s smelting factories.  The endless hours toiling with white-hot metal sparked a lifelong admiration of the uses of fire.  The day after his eighteenth birthday, he offered his services to his employers as an apprentice pyromancer.  They did not look fondly upon his aspirations and attempted to murder him on the spot.  Ashe had prepared for this eventuality.  He ignited the air his assailant’s lungs, incinerating everything in their ribcages.  No others barred his departure.

Ashe then stabbed out into the realms on his own as a fortune hunter.  The prospect of earning or stealing his livelihood enticed him.  After a two initial, nearly fatal failures, he succeeded in thieving an unpolished, wooden wand that amplified his power.  He amassed both valuable possessions and a ruthless reputation, one so prolific that his mother sought him out to help her in a desperate scheme.


Click here to read Ashe's final meeting with his mother.  This is a exclusive scene that does not appear in the novel.