Nirva Silv

An artist who once lived in Inner Yeom, Nirva created an abstract painting of orange, black and red smears.  Within its brush strokes, she viewed a perfect reality free of strife under her control.  She initially dismissed it as a day dream, something to which she should aspire, but never reach.  However, the idea of it gnawed at her mind, the singular inspiration of the many realms perfected by her hand and the horrors awaiting every living thing if she did not act.  Nirva scrutinized her creation, finding nuances only detectable by her eyes.  She knew she did not suffer from delusion.  A path lay before her.  A lonely and dark one, but it fell to her to take it.  She alone possessed the ambition to bring her beautiful masterpiece from the canvas to all the realms.  Sufrinzon’s fragmented baronies offered her a place to initiate her grand design.


Nirva joined the Underguild and honed her dormant ethereal prowess to become a mancer.   Her drive for all forms of power intensified with each passing day.  She could not fear what she had to do, so she chose to embrace it.  Every line she crossed, every life she took, brought her closer to a perfected reality.


She met Ashe Stelfire beneath a sheen of purple light in one of the Cosm’s reality observatories.  He distrusted her.  She hated him.  Yet, they couldn’t resist one another.  They had no rational reasons for their affair, only reckless abandonment.  Nirva later discovered a reason in her studies, a plex hex that would permanently imbue her with vast ethereal power.  Among the numerous prerequisites, the plex hex required that she conceive another mancer’s child at its conclusion.  Nirva needed the power to further her goals, but she told Ashe only that she desired an heir to raise on her own.  To entice him, she promised to provide him with a vital piece of information concerning the location of Retributor, a mythical weapon lost to the ages.


Click here to read Nirva's bitter parting with Ashe Stelfire.  This is a exclusive scene that does not appear in the novel.