Guilds, Armies, and Brigands


The Underguild:  A secretive organization of mancers who will do anything to further their knowledgebase.  Many of their members care nothing for the damage inflicted by their studies.


The Dirge: An elite gang of assassins with a near perfect success rate.  No one is beyond their reach.  Gods, Arch Demons, and Dragons are included among their millions of victims.


Dread Corps:  An army without a nation, arguably the most lethal military force in all the realms.  Dread Corpsmen wage war without apparent goals other than to terrorize their adversaries.  The organization serves at the pleasure of a hidden leader. 


The Roaq Coalition:  The consolidated armed forces of Roaq dedicated to preserving the baronies’ independence.  The coalition formed in response to Palle’s campaign to subjugate all of Sufrinzon under its rule.


Brigand Company: A mercenary unit of 200 soldiers commanded by the mighty Gnorok.  They align themselves with the Roaq Coalition in opposition of the Palle.  Many powerful members walk their ranks such as Tin Skin, Arwith, ViRauni and Repenter.