Fiction Works approved my brother Tony's design and logo.  I still need to wait to share it.  However, here's a quick description.  The Repenter logo is sans serif in sleek-looking all caps.  It kind of reminds me of molten metal.  The cover image is a 3-D rendering of Ashe's bronze, demon mask, sitting on dark ground.  Once I get the ok, I'll definitely share it. I've mentioned this in the past, but I'm hoping to be better about content updates.  In the meantime, I'm kicking bass and taking games on the Bloody Empress.  Repenter is 100,000 words (415 pages).  The sequel will likely clock in a bit longer at 110,000, or a bit longer.  Of course, it's still in the rough draft phase, so I'll need to "kill my darlings" on some parts.  Happy 5th of July!

The maps for the novel are now extremely cool looking.  The logo looks awesome, as does the sketch of the cover.  I'll be able to share them down the road, but for now I'm most happy with how the book's visual elements are coming together.

Hey, party people.  Great news!  Repenter is getting published through the Fiction Works as an ebook.  And for those who like their novels in molecule form, I'm hoping to get physical print on demand books down the road.  My brother, Tony, might also be able to supply the cover design and artwork, which is awesome!  Repenter still needs to be edited, so it's still a few months out.  However, prepare for considerably more updates.  As a reminder, you can also follow me on Twitter as @Stelfire or become a fan on my Facebook author page.  I'll be jumping on Good Reads in the near future, so stay tuned for more updates there as well.  So to summarize: Getting published plus Jim equals YAY!!

There's a 30 Seconds to Mars song called "Map of the World".  I always think of that when I'm in cartographer mode for my novels.  My brother is assisting me in sprucing up my world maps and is working on the cover right now. It's due by the end of June, so nose to the grind stone.  Also still making progress in the second novel's section entitled, "The Battle of the Two Cities." More to come.

Bad news: Got a rejection from the Nelson Agency.  Good News: Submitted the whole Repenter manuscript to an ebook publisher.  When a door closes, screw the window, you grab a flaming axe and chop a hole through the wall.  More as it develops.