When people ask my to tell them about my books I often go with the "this meets that" description of popular culture references.  I used to say it was Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings for the sci-fi and fantasy elements.  However, after this weekend, I can now go with the far more accurate description of Avengers meets Lord of the Rings for the sci-fi, super human, and fantasy elements.  Everyone will now know to what I'm referring.  I've loved the Avengers since I was teenager, more than any other super hero team.  They're mighty, yes.  But they're also unstable, and dangerous, and awesome.  It's very nice to see them get their time in the sun.

I pulled the trigger on my submission to the Nelson Literary Agency.  Now begins the waiting.  And honestly, I don't mind.  There's something liberating about it being out your hands.  Back to the writing the fun stuff!

I also have a horror lesson I'm presenting to the Nebraska Writers Workshop on Wednesday.  I won't be using a white board this time, but I think it'll be well-received.

I was invited to submit a query letter and the first 30 pages of Repenter!  Awesome news!  I also learned some invaluable lessons on pitching: Always, always have causality reasoned all the way through when presenting it.  And have a very firm grasp on what compels your main character.  Anita Mumm was very gracious in asking probing questions to arrive at the answers these important pieces of story elements.  So to reiterate: The foot is officially in the door true believers!

I spent a great deal of time editing the first 30 pages of Repenter in advance of sending them to the Nelson Literary Agency.  I made use of family and friends as proof readers.  The pages are about where I need them.  I think they pop.  Let's hope our good friends in Denver agree.

...until the pitching session.  Feeling very good about it.  The force is strong with this one.