Hey, all.  Still working on the new revision of The Bloody Empress.  And continuing to throw queries out for Repenter.  Hope all is well in your corner of the space of cyber.

Howdy, all.


I'm still in the midst of finishing up The Bloody Empress.  I'm also knocking around the idea of writing a story involving a Jimmy Olsen/ Rick Jones type of character who realizes that he's lived through decades of the same events as part of repeated continuity reboots.  More as that develops.


In the meantime, hope everyone is staying warm and happy this holiday season.



The world needs Beavis and Butthead now more than ever.  I'm okay with the Jersey Shore existing now.  They need something to watch after all.


Sometimes new ingredients make a great recipe better.  I tried a bit of Scotch and barbeque sauce in my usual chili recipe.  It provided everyone at our gathering a sampler of it.  The consensus was that we need to throw it in as an option with the original recipe next time.  So I shall.


Adding something new works for revisions as well.  I'm adding a twist in a revised scene where the main characters all get on the same page regarding the true enemy, Corsis.  In fact, what am I doing talking about it here?  Time to get a-writin'.



Fox Literary gave me a rejection, but with a positive vibe of continue submitting to other agencies.  So I shall.  Next up is Curtis Brown Ltd. So I'm a movin' right on.


My wife and I saw an inventive block of short plays at a local play house, the Shelterbelt, entitled Shelter Skelter.  I enjoyed many of them, especially one called, "Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Murder".  Never again will I implicitly trust someone wearing purple while wearing orange.  Strangulation will inevitably ensue.  The colors are mortal enemies, don'tcha know?