A few items this time around.

  • Still working on the third Players of the Game book.  I'm currently working on a section with an unstable character who wants to be better, but fears she'll regress to a spree killer as she was in a previous incarnation.  She's a life force parasite, who gains strength by feeding on others.  Her powers can be unbalancing, so I need to ensure that challenges before her aren't too easy, and also dial back her powers a bit.  At least while she's on the side of the protagonists.  Down the road, if she reverts to a maniac, her powers will increase.  Bad guys should always have the upper hand in pretty much any fiction.  It's boring the other way around.

  • Check out Storium.com if your looking for some cool pen and paper role playing without the pen, paper, and dice.  My cousin Nick pointed me to it recently.  It's all story with the GM/DM as the "narrator" and the other players as characters.  I'm batting around a side project that I might use on that site.  I'll post any updates I have on that front.

  • My friend Sam got me into a new PC video game called Bastion.  It's truly unique.  The game is made much more interesting by the ongoing, smooth drawl of the Stranger who recounts the trials of the Kid.  Give it a try if you're into that kind of thing.

  • I love the Dinobots.  From the 80's.  Every kid loved Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Swoop, and Snarl.  My wife will let me know if they're cool in the new movie.  They lost me on the second movie with the Devastator testicle "joke".  I'm glad others enjoy the modern movies.  They could get me back if they inserted a gun-toting raccoon, I suppose.  Any franchise could get me back with that.

  • Still doing the Malazan Book of the Fallen series on Audible.  Almost done with the second book.  Coltaine's march is most grim, harrowing, and compelling.

That's all for now.  I recently celebrated a birthday by going out for tea.  A taste sensation that only gets better with age.

  • The Repenter Hidden Chapters Free Book is still coming.  I'm kicking the tires before I throw it out there.  I'll likely go through Create Space for the molecule book with Repenter novel itself once we get a new cover lined up.  I'll throw out more info as both get closer.

  • I'm still working on the New Players.  Enjoying writing the somewhat brighter characters.  I aim to expand the compendium on many components down the road, so stay tuned for that.

  • I tossed out a few random tweets for any who care to follow them:  https://twitter.com/Stelfire

  • Been reading the Malazan series by Steven Erikson on audiobook.  Most epic.  I like the multiple characters.  And the good guys actually win on occasion, which is a nice change of pace from the Song of Ice and Fire Books.

  • Thief of Thieves continues to be a good crime comic.  Read it if you're looking for something with a Usual Suspects vibe.

  • And Homestar Runner FINALLY had an update after 3+ years.  The new video is still on the homepage after more than two months.  The site is mostly legacy at this point, and we'll be lucky to get anything new for likely more than a year or longer.  But I still waste unearthly amounts of time on it.  The latest quote working its way through my brain is "Duck A La Orange" said by Bubs.

Till next time, keep busting rhymes.

So my wife and I had an interesting conversation at dinner.  She recently purchased some of those fingerless gloves that have a mitten flap.  She says they look like shark fins when they're flapped up.  What follows is a truncated transcript:

Steph: I want to fight crime with my shark gloves.  What kind of powers can I have.

Jim: (Befuddled laughter)

Steph:  I know! I can throw portobello mushrooms at evil doers like frisbees that thump on them.  What do they do when they hit people.

Jim: (Smiles)

Steph: I need an author.

Jim: (Continues to smile)

Steph: (Tapping Jim's arm) I NEED an author.

Jim: Do you want something gruesome or fun?

Steph: FUN!

Jim: (Pausing to think.)  The mushrooms could burst into spore and generate more mushrooms on the evildoer's body.

Steph: Yeah!  And I would only give them the antidote if they turn over a new leaf.  But I need a battle cry when I throw the mushrooms.  What should I say?

Jim: Port you!

Steph: (High fives Jim).  Yes.  That's it.

This is one of the many reasons why I love my wife very much.

I spent much of the last week obsessed with a tactics game's Kickstarter status.  It's called Unsung Story, by many of the same people who made Final Fantasy Tactics back in the late 90's.  I loved playing that game.  Something about outmaneuvering opponents who invariably hold the tactical advantage on the high ground hit the right notes for me.  I initially saw Unsung Story in January, donated $20 bucks and stopped thinking about it, figuring that they'd make their funding and stretch goals easily.  That wasn't to be the case.  This past week they were $125k, short of their funding goal.  The thought of not having this game created drove me a bit batty, I'll admit.  I found myself checking the funding progress, donated a little more cash to the cause, and then looked at the funding goal more.  Thankfully, they made their goal and will move their crowdfunding to Paypal.  So I was happy.  It was very much another life lesson that my tastes are not always necessarily the most popular.  But they're popular enough by thunder!

I've also been dabbling with some outlining software called YWriter that's actually pretty cool.  I tried Scrivener at Kent Siever's recommendation, but I found that I didn't really care for the interface on the PC version.  The Mac version appeared to be superior.  And YWriter is free.  I've been outlining more of The New Players latter sections, and I've been enjoying it a lot, so that's always good as well.

Also I'll be an uncle thrice over as of tomorrow when my brother and sister-in-law have their third child, so that will be a cause for celebration.  Like a birthday or something to that effect.

In the words of Homestar Runner: "Hooway!"

Here's the Hidden Chapters cover, courtesy of my brother, Tony. It's kinda like a b-side album. Looks more or less the same with a bit of difference. I'm just waiting on the copyright to go through, then I'll be throwing it out on either Amazon's Create Space or Smashwords FOR FREE. I'll definitely letcha know when it's available. My brother is quite the artiste, yes?