Multiple realms including Sufrinzon adopted the Trojisi Calendar after the Eruption due to the influence of the Holy Alliance, the Union Cities and New Grelland on inter-realm commerce, politics, and warfare.  The calendar is divided in to six bi-months.  A bi-month marks the approximate time of 65 days that the moon of Pathine takes to revolve around Trojis.  In ages past, Drathine’s shorter revolution time of 32 days was used to measure twelve months, but this ceased when a breathable atmosphere was discovered on Pathine.  The calendar was changed to commemorate this discovery.

The Trojisi year has 389 days, each lasting 24 hours.  The following bi-months comprise the calendar:

1)      Pyrene: 63 days.

2)      Blite: 67 days.

3)      Trires: 64 days.

4)      Quatres: 65 days.

5)      Quintember: 65 days.

6)      Hexember: 65 days.

The Trojisi week consists of seven days:

1)      Firstday

2)      Lunday

3)      Twilday

4)      Winday

5)      Zorsday

6)      Felday

7)      Farday

The ambient ethereal energy in Trojis, Sufrinzon, and their related realms extends all mortal life by a factor of six percent.

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