Repenter is getting relaunched on Kindle!

Hello, all you happy people. In the coming month or two, Repenter will be getting relaunched on Kindle. Most exciting! Here is the snazzy new cover by Jim Mehsling:

But wait, there’s more in the series than just Repenter. The free bonus content novella Repenter: The Hidden Chapters AND the second book in the series, The Brigands are also coming. I’ll be giving out free advance review copies to any fans who want to assist me by putting up Amazon or Goodreads reviews. More to come soon.

In the meantime, here are the covers to Repenter: The Hidden Chapters and The Brigands in separate posts.

Spoons and Assembling

Still plugging away at Book 4.  Up to page 155.  It’s a scene where the assembled protagonists: Ed, Ashe, Avril, Harry, Xax, Tamona, and Candice all meet Vurg before embarking on a journey through a subterranean sea on their way to an extra-dimensional prison break.

I also spoke to some other self-publishing authors, Kent Sievers and Victorine Lieske, and got a lot of great info.  More to come on that topic, hopefully soon.

With other media consumption:

I played the hell out of Darkest Dungeon a few months back.  Totally fun and addictive game.  It was a giant time sink, but I enjoyed it oodles.

I watched the two seasons of the Expanse as well.  Very compelling and complex.  Great acting and halfway decent TV Sci Fi SFX.  I just started listening to the first audio book, Leviathan Wakes by James SA Corey.  It’s pretty good so far.

“Blood, Sweat, and Pixels” by Jason Schreier gives a very interesting look into the madness involved in putting together a video game.  I had no idea that the Shovel Knight team initially had a so-so Kickstarter campaign.  Very interesting read and makes me very disinclined to get into the video game industry.  There appears to be a horrific work-live balance culture through all levels of that industry.

I binged the Tick’s second half of season 1.  Not quite as absurd as the cartoon or comics, but MILES better than the first live action show.  I liked it plenty.  Tick even whispered Spoon, but I crave a full throated battle cry of SPOON!  While were at it I effing need Cap to yell out AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! in the Infinity War movie.  I NEED IT.  But I don’t know if I’ll get it.  A man can dream.

Zat’s all for now.

Back Up!

We are back online.  Thanks to Nick Nielsen for helping put this humpty back together again.

I’m working on Book 4 now.  On about page 145 ish.

The trains may not be on time.  But they’re a runnin’, boys and girls.


Ok, that was lame.  LAME LIKE A FOX!

So what’s up, yo?

So I haven’t posted in like a year.  Part (mostly) laziness and entropy.  Part my old website getting robo hacked.  Luckily, my technically savvy cousin, Nick,  helped me get things fixed and the website is now returning powered by Word Press rather than Joomla.  So it’s gotten a bit of a face lift.  I think it’s much easier on the eyes, even if it’s a cookie cutter Word Press template.

I’ll make a post on my Facebook group once it’s officially back.  Until then, I’m a workin’ on Book 4: The Breakers.  I’m around 120 pages deep with many more to go.  I’m loving finally reuniting Ashe and Xax in this revised story line.  Their bromance was one of my favorite parts of my earlier drafts, and it’s shaping up to be one of my favorites in this version.

More to come whenever it comes.

Zounds! A Post!

Finally got all the tweaking done. The New Players (Players of the Game Book 3) is finished. It’s very nice to Ed and Xax back in the latest revisions. I’ll be having beta readers give it a gander in its entirety and will continue to workshop bits and pieces of it in NWW.


On to Book 4: The Breakers. Then Book 5: The War for Trojis. Then Book 6: The Irrealm Quests. Then Book 7: End Game. All of that is subject to change. Might end up with 8 books depending how it shakes out for instance. I’m going to do some loose outlining and try some writing of the early chapters, and then put together a tighter outline on Y Writer (a handy free tool btw).


I gotta say it’s nice to be at this point in the story. I’ve spent years on multiple drafts of this thing, and I think I finally have a version that I can call well-crafted. Don’t think it’ll make me much money, but I like writing it. It’s what I do, yo.


And as far as more frequent posts go, I shall quote Bart Simpson: “I can’t say I’ll try. But I’ll try to try.”


Back at it.

Status 8/28/15

I made it to page 306 by 8/24/15.  Shooting for page 311 by 8/31/15.  I’m on 308 right now.  Should hopefully be doable.

In other items of interest:

I got done listening to The Martian on audio book, and it’s one of those books you don’t want to end, because the next book probably won’t be as good.  I very much hope the movie is rated R.  They really need the bad language to convey the book’s desperation and humor.  The first line of the book is “I’m pretty much effed.”

The trailer for the Bill Murray movie “Rock the Casbah” surprised me.  I think I’m might have to watch it.

Fight Club 2 from Dark Horse is just strange in a good way.

That’s all for niz-ow