Fernallus is fearsome when he wants to be. His jokes are worse.

Fernallus is one of the main characters in The New Players.  He is a young and highly intelligent Dragon who often assumes the guise of a Human male with varying garish hair colors.  The top image shows him in his more fearsome Dragon form.  He appears far more affable as a green-haired non-reptile in the next rendering.

He is a close friend of the Burnhelt family and Tamona.  He also makes terrible jokes.  But they love him anyway.  Their enemies do not.

James McGowan Reader Group- The New Players Are Here


The New Players is now available on Amazon in print and Kindle Unlimited.  Give it a look.

It’s a big expansion in the Player of the Game saga with characters like Ed Burnhelt who face off against Corsis and the Game.  The New Players will interact with Ashe and Avril in the upcoming books.

I’m excited to share it with you!
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Recommendation Corner

I binged through the cartoon on Amazon Prime, then I binged through the comic series on Comixology.  Both had Robert Kirkman’s involvement.  He created the Walking Dead comic and show.  At a very high level, the blurb for the series is what if a Superboy-type character had to take over for a Superman-type character.  Both versions are very graphic, showing the gory consequences of what a super-powered fights would do to bodies and infrastructure.  The ensemble cast is great.  The character of Amber in particular is vastly better in the show with far more depth than her comic counterpart.  I’ll be interested to see where they take that character in future seasons.  Walton Goggins as Cecil is also a standout performance.  Watch the show first, then read the first 12 trades of the comic for free on Comixology Unlimited.

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

I loved the Martian and liked Artemis.  This novel surpasses both of them.  The story centers on an amnesiac astronaut named Grace who has figure out why a single celled organism is feeding on the sun and how to stop it.  He’s both an anti Walter White from Breaking Bad and an anti Mark Watney from the Martian.  If you’re able, grab the audiobook version.  Ray Porter gives an excellent performance and a particular character definitely benefits from the audio aspect.  Very good stuff.
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