Slow going and Memorandum

Been a while since the last post.  Been slow going this past month.  I’ve been writing some bonus content for Repenter that I plan to release for free on Smashwords or something similar after I copyright it.  Hoping it will clock in at around 50 pages.  It’s just not moved as fast as I would like.  Sometimes the words flow and sometimes they ebb.  The last month has been the latter, regrettably.  The key is to keep at it.  And so keep at it I shall.

In memorandum, a friend of mine, Michael Burton, recently went missing in Arkansas and almost certainly drowned while spear fishing.  As of now, the authorities are still searching for the body in the murky water of Beaver Lake.  Michael was an outstanding man, a great husband to Annemarie and great father to his son, Issac.  I often interacted with him at Ultimate Frisbee.  He and I would sometimes shoot quips back and forth as we ran up and down the field.  He will be sorely missed.  And to those he left behind, always know that you are not alone.

God bless.