Realm: A sphere or plane of reality.

Realm Sub-categories:

Pico Realm: A plane of existence with limited space and finite borders.  Inner Yeom, the Cosm, and the Shade Lands are pico realms.

Planet Realm: A sphere of existence that orbits at least one daystar.  Its people are both good and evil.  Trojis, Outer Yeom, and the Macro Worlds are planet realms.

Nether Realm: A secluded sphere of existence tainted by evil and peopled by the lost.  Despite this, hope does glimmer within them.  Sufrinzon, Decadia, and Forboda are nether realms.

Realms of Note:

Trojis:  A wet, blue planet comprised of vast oceans and the super-continent of Jeea.  It is home to the ceaseless blaze of the Fire Well.  The conflicts and culture of Trojis touch dozens of interconnected realms.  New Grelland, Crystal Keep and the Holy Alliance are counted as its most potent nations.

Sufrinzon:  A vast Nether Realm often described as a distorted reflection of Trojis.  Burning oceans and orange-black clouds encircle it.  Despite its darkness, beauty and valor thrive among those who choose freedom over tyranny.  It’s divided into several baronies including Palle, Darbin and Velsuvia.

The Shade Lands:  The realm connecting the shadows of all places, people and things.  Space is folded within its perpetually-twilit environs.  If one dares to walk within the Shade Lands, vast distances can be covered in minutes and impossible to reach realms are accessible.  However, those who lurk within its dim expanses rarely make such excursions uneventful.

The Macro Worlds: A network of fifty-five planets all sharing a nebula-sized atmosphere of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.  Trillions of beings once inhabited them.  The majority of the Macro Worlds are now lifeless husks after the Underguild ignited their atmosphere to end the A Pox’s first pandemic.  Little breathable air remains, all of it sterilized.

Outer Yeom: A desolate, hollow shell planet realm that once rivaled Trojis in cultural influence.  Its few remaining people all know the name Corsis, and fear it.

Inner Yeom: A verdant, inner-sphere, pico realm untouched by the strife of its outer counterpart.  The wise forest of Halonir resides within its plush borders.

The Cosm: The Pico Realm containing the Underguild.  A small nation unto itself, the Cosm spans only a city-sized amount of space, yet it has never been fully explored.  Its geography shifts over time at the fancy of a select few of its inhabitants.

Decadia:  This entirely urban Nether Realm possesses the most advanced capitalistic economy in existence.  Its weapons are rivaled only by those of New Grelland and Dread Corps.  However, it tends to covertly trade its wares with other nations, rather than overtly enter into conflict with its enemies.

Forboda:  Home to the Nagus Demons, humanoids with snake tails in place of legs.  Lush rain forests sprawl everywhere.  Tales of its subterranean cites’ riches has led many a raider to an untimely death.

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