Players of the Game Character Spotlight: Ed Burnhelt

Ed Burnhelt is one of the main characters of the entire series.  This is another rendering of him as he appears in the third book.  As you can tell from his bearded image in the post below, he doesn’t come out of it without a few literal and figurative scars.  Despite that, Ed maintains a lightness in comparison to others like Ashe Stelfire or Harry Mang, and would much rather disarm a conflict with a joke, rather than through his powers.  Circumstances often conspire to prevent him from taking the less fraught route.

James McGowan Reader Group- The Art of Peopling

Hi there!

Things are on the upward spooling of the perpetual yo-yo that is life during the pandemic.  I’m even going back into the office for one day a week, starting this week.  More importantly, I’ve been out to see friends and family with far more frequency than I have in the past few years.

Sharing the same space with other people is vastly superior in certain circumstances, especially if you’re wanting to have an extended conversation with a meal thrown in for good measure.  However, I will admit that I like exercising at home far more than I would have imagined back in 2019.  My weekly Zoom writers workshop is also better than meeting in person because people can actually hear my low-pitched voice and we can screen share.

I’ve decided that hybrid peopling ain’t so bad.  We’ll see if that opinion holds as time goes on.

Players of the Game Works in Progress
I’ve reached page 253 with 71,700 words on the Game War’s first draft.  Last month’s stats clocked in at 212 with 60,000 words.  A little less productive than I’d prefer.  With increased peopling, there comes some productivity trade offs.  I shall keep at it and see if I can do a little better next month.  Plus, here’s a new sub-section:

Work in Progress Out of Context Quote of the Month:

Matt Burnhelt: “A joker?  Always.  Cocky?  No. Cocky people brag. Ed never does that. He just does what is hard.”
Recommendation Corner
Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness

This movie is somewhat polarizing due to a subversion of expectations.  I won’t spoil anything, but I absolutely loved it.  Just watched it again tonight in fact.  I’ll admit that I’m predisposed to liking it because it feels like a new Army of Darkness with the “Raimi-cam” shots and the slasher vibe from the main antagonist.  I loved all the cameos.  Especially one by a certain Bruce Campbell.  Seriously, if the MCU wants to use him in place of the late great Stan Lee for the recurring guest cameo, I do believe I’m not the only fan that would greatly enjoy that.

Elden Ring

This game.  This maddening effing game.  I’ll admit that I sometimes find myself more hate playing it than actually enjoying it.  Everything in this game wants to slay you.  And they will succeed.  Repeatedly.  Why am I recommending it?  Well, it’s freaking beautiful and it is incredibly gratifying to finally get the game changing weapon and/or incantation that gives you the smallest toehold on its unrelenting difficulty.  It’s also a blast to team up with friends, which makes it much more surmountable.  I’ll note that the developer made a really stupid system to “summon” other players from their own worlds.  Way too much friction with that process.  Still, it’s immersive and fun to just tear around the world on your horse-goat, outrunning most everything that wants to kill you, though those so-and-so’s still find a way.  They’re very plucky that way.
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Stay smart.  Stay safe.


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