What does Corsis fear?

Corsis is the primary villain of the Players of the Game series.  He covertly manipulates the events of Sufrinzon, Trojis, and many other realms all for his depraved entertainment.

His urbane demeanor hides a monstrous personality.  He has more power than a pantheon of gods.  He also takes on many forms.  The Lizard is the first one that readers encounter in Repenter.  There are many others.

Here’s a sample of his interaction with Ashe from Repenter:

“Harm?” He spoke the word with an absurd shrill of his voice. “Ashe, you couldn’t touch me even if you could mance the most potent fire in existence. I have no fear of you in that regard.”

Ashe stepped back once more. “Then we’re fine.”

“Oh, no. We’re not.” The archmancer drummed his fingers on his leg. “You see, I do fear you.”

Ashe cocked an eyebrow. “You can’t be serious.”

“Deadly.” Corsis rushed to him. His toothy jaws came within inches of Ashe’s face. The feint smell of fruit from the chilled beverage filled the Lizard’s breath. “I fear your mind.”

James McGowan Reader Group- A Boy Named Sous Vide

Hey there.

The slog through the 2020 year of clarity continues.  In addition to work and novel writing, I’ve started dabbling in Sous Vide cooking.  It’s pretty idiot proof.  You buy a device that looks like an oversized curling iron, put in in a big pot, have it heat up the water via a smart phone interface, let the water to warm up to sub boiling temperatures, then put in whatever you’re wanting to cook in a freezer bag, and let the heat do the rest. 

I’ve made some fantastic chicken and some decent New York Strip steaks.  Pair it with some baked sweet potato wedges, and you got yourself a tasty meal.  I’m going to try making hamburgers with it at some point, though I remain skeptical on how those will turn out.
Players of the Game Updates
Repenter: The Hidden Chapters is also re-released on Kindle.  And it is permanently zero dollars.  Get it now.
Grab Repenter: The Hidden Chapters
Other Players of the Game Updates:

I’ve just received the edits back for bonus content books: The Brigands: The Favor and The New Players: Origins. I’ll be releasing them both in the coming months on Kindle.

I’m also about two thirds of the way through the revision of Players of the Game Book 4: The Breakers. I’m adding details and fixing logic problems. Here’s a fun little dialogue excerpt:

Xax released his friend’s shoulder. “Vance, meet Smiley and Tammy.”

“Tamona,” the Chan’la said.

“Ashe,” the masked man said.

Vance gave them a weary nod. “Vanzvulkous.”

Tamona let out a chuckle that sounded more like weak coughs. “Good to know that you’re consistent, Xax.”

Tamona, Xax, and Vance are newer characters that are introduced in New Players and Breakers.

The Prairies Book Review also gave Brigands a good review. You can read it here.
October Recommendations
The Man Who Effed Up Time: 

This is a fun mini series from Aftershock Comics by John Layman and Karl Mostert.  The premise is that a lowly technician uses a time machine to try and make his lot in life better, and well, effs up time.  The first page had me with a crossbow-wielding samurai constable riding a dinosaur chasing the main character.  That’s a pretty quick indicator on whether you will like this series or not.  I fall under the “likey” column.

Network Effect by Martha Wells: 

Murderbot is back!  This introverted anti-Terminator is the hero we both deserve and need.  This time around, it has to help its friend, an intelligent ship it calls ART (Asshole Research Transport).  ART has run afoul of contaminated alien tech and cult-like followers that Murderbot only refers to as “Targets”.  The introverted android may want to just watch entertainment media, but on more than one occasion it demands, “Don’t hurt my humans.”  Its inner conflict as it gets embroiled in the fight against the Targets is both fun and compelling.
That’s all for this time.

Stay smart.  Stay safe.


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