Comics Wednesday 5/29/13

Starting a new feature featuring the comics I purchased on any given Wednesday.  I’m a customer of Krypton Comics in Omaha.  It’s an outstanding store staffed by friendly folks and not a sun-faded poster from the 90’s to be found.  My pile is always overflowing, so I likely won’t actually read any of these for a few weeks.This week’s purchases are ranked from least to best.    I always save the best for last.

BPRD Vampire #3: I LOVE BPRD’s regular series.  Mike Mignola is not afraid to eff up the status quo.  The artists always do a good job of conveying the off-kilter, apocalyptic world.  This mini series is about an agent running afoul of vampires.  Not expecting much.  But the dialogue is always strong and the atmosphere is always creepy, so I’m in.

Earth 2 Annual: Earth 2 is the only New 52 book I purchase.  DC just isn’t turning my crank, and it hasn’t since Final Crisis.  I get this because I enjoy James Robinson’s writing.  Check out his Starman run from the 90’s.  Opal City is a great fictional location.  Oh, yeah.  Another Batman shows up.  I shall read it with the expectation of punches being thrown.

Indestructible Hulk #8: I enjoy Mark Waid’s run on this title.  This latest arc with Thor feels a little “fillery”, but I still enjoy it.

Captain America #7: The Dimension Z Saga is going to be better in my eyes after Cap has lived through it and is haunted by it in future issues.  Crazy ride in the meantime though.

New Avengers #6: The Illuminati continue to march toward the death side of Jonathan Hickman’s massive epic.  Very dense, but worth it.

Thief of Thieves #14: This crime series about a pro thief who can’t escape the people in his life is awesome.  I understand AMC is developing a series based on it.  If so, it will partly fill the hole left by Breaking Bad’s passing.

That’s all for now.  Happy Wednesday!

Repenter will be on Amazon tomorrow!

Hey, all.  Just got word from my publisher that Repenter will be on Amazon tomorrow.  It will be on B/N, Kobo, and the Apple store in a few weeks.  I’ll have links to it soon.  It has a comparable level of violence as Game of Thrones or Walking Dead, so if that’s your bag, you’re in for a treat, and if it’s not for you, I’m betting you know someone who just might dig it. 

Or to summarize: YAY!