Status 8/28/15

I made it to page 306 by 8/24/15.  Shooting for page 311 by 8/31/15.  I’m on 308 right now.  Should hopefully be doable.

In other items of interest:

I got done listening to The Martian on audio book, and it’s one of those books you don’t want to end, because the next book probably won’t be as good.  I very much hope the movie is rated R.  They really need the bad language to convey the book’s desperation and humor.  The first line of the book is “I’m pretty much effed.”

The trailer for the Bill Murray movie “Rock the Casbah” surprised me.  I think I’m might have to watch it.

Fight Club 2 from Dark Horse is just strange in a good way.

That’s all for niz-ow

Wasting Time with Dragons, Astronauts, Robots, and Other Stuff

Ok, so I have been extremely sporadic in productivity lately.  That last blog entry about reaching page 300 by the end of NaNoWriMo 2014.  I just reached page 302 today.  On 8/17/15.  So, yeah.  I’ve been lethargic.  Need to refocus.  Keeping the goals short and sweet.  Need to reach at least page 305 by 8/24/15.  What have I been doing you ask?  Well, all kinds of fun things!

•    I played Dragon Age Inquisition for 150 hours.  I never want to play anything with that game again.  It was fun when I was playing it, but it was also a chore to complete all the sub-quests.  Not sure if I’m going to be as much of a completeist with some of these longer new games.

•    I played Shovel Knight for 13 hours and loved every crazy difficult minute of it.  Awesome levels.  Awesome music.  I will totally get the sequel or anything else.  Prepare to face justice!  Shovel Justice!

•    I also played Battle Block Theater for 19 hours and died something like 2500 times.  Not a typo.  That game was fun because it was silly and the narrator was most humorous.  Nyeah, see!

•    I listened to the Powder Mage trilogy (among other things) on audio book.  Twas an interesting almost steampunk, but not really alternate take on the French revolution.  Basically, what if Napoleon was more like a cranky George Washington and snorted gunpowder like cocaine to get nifty musket gun powers.

•    I read God Hates Astronauts. A crazy hilarious comic book in the same vein as the Tick.  The ongoing saga of the Snopple heiress on the back cover is worth the price of admission alone.

•    I discovered DragonForce (thanks to Andy Summers on that one).  An unapologetic speed metal band that sings about epic fights and over stuff that is totally metal.

•    I also discovered God is an Astronaut.  They’re instrumental and introspective.  Great writing music.

•    I watched Rick and Morty.  Urp!  It’s riggidity WRECKED, SON!

•    I watched It Follows.  Best horror movie I’ve seen in a decade.  Smart and creepy.  Netflix it.

•    Sub in cerebral sci-fi for Ex Machina.  Very good meditation on AI and the danger of projecting humanity on it.

•    Of course, I watched Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.  Like both.  Got exactly what I expected with Ultron, though it wasn’t quite as good as the first one.  Ant-Man surprised me.  I went in with lower expectations and it surpassed them.  A good heist movie without the typical third-act “McGuffin device is going to destroy the world” trope that superhero movies overuse.

I’ll think of others later.  In the meantime, writing shall occur.  Laterness.