The Political Entities of Trojis and Sufrinzon


Palle:  The barony seeking to reunify the Old Empire of Sufrinzon under its leaders’ command.  Palle’s forces amass strength in Alagar with the intention of conquering Roaq in the west.

New Grelland:  Formerly known as Haven Isle, New Grelland survives in the center of the Fire Well on Trojis.  Sufrinzon and other Nether Realms besieged it for centuries.  The Grells ultimately beat back the invaders and toppled Sufinzon’s old regime.  Their tenacity is legend.

The Holy Alliance:  An inaptly named empire ruled by Dragons and Demons.  It sprawls throughout much of eastern Jeea on Trojis.  The Holy Alliance frequently works in secret with Nether Realms to forward its agenda against New Grelland, Crystal Keep and the Union Cities.

The Kri Enclave:  The last military base of those following Celsis Kri, the Goddess of Conquest.  The Krians strive to free their goddess from imprisonment in the Holy Alliance.

Mun’la: The sparsely-populated homeland of the Chan’la warrior women.  One of the few truly idyllic places on Trojis, its vast wilderness harkens back to gentler time.

The Union Cities: A declining confederacy of city-states that thrived in the first millennium following the Eruption on Trojis.  They were the last beacons of civilization while chaos ensnared the rest of their world.  The former cultural hubs now ally themselves to New Grelland in opposition to the Holy Alliance.

Crystal Keep:  A former Union City that seceded in favor of a closed society.  The megalopolis’s walls have never been successfully breached.  They thrive on the archaic, though advanced technology of Old Zivone.

Zirh: An island Barony in Sufrinzon in a mapped area of the Ocean of the Lost.  Moth’s Port, its capital, is a strategic shipping and naval city.

Darbin: The Sufrinzon Barony comprised of tundra and mountains.  Its isthmus connects Rouq to Alagar.  It is a key member of the Roaq Coalition as the gateway to and from the impassable Drand Mountains.

Necron: The secluded island of Durduun’s temple, hidden within the Ocean of the Lost.  It claims neutrality in Sufrinzon’s conflict.

Narath:  A remote island somewhere in the Ocean of the Lost.  It is home to both Ashe Stelfire and ViRauni.

Velsuvia: A Barony of islands within the Velsuvian Sea in Sufrinzon.  Its Demonic people are typified by their fierce martial tradition.  Its naval armada is second to none.

Eurphi: An atypical place of beauty within Sufrinzon.  The Barony is famous for its arts, even in other realms.  The thick, overcast clouds occasionally part along its coast to reveal brilliant red skies.

Carnist:  A region of rolling hills and dormant forests.  Grass grows over ancient ruins of what was once the mightiest Barony in Sufrinzon, grandeur lost in the haze of time.

Barithania: A hellish expanse of hardpan desert and deep canyons.  Fire burns within the cracks of the Barony’s earth.  When outsiders think of Sufrinzon, they think of Barithania’s desolate expanses.