All Systems GO!

Howdy, one and all!


We are live at Stelfire.  I’m Jim McGowan (James to my eventual novel covers), and I’m here to write stuff and eat gummi bears.  And I’m all out of gummi bears.  Silly “They Live” homages aside, I’m really excited to continue the journey to publication.  I hope to find many readers along the way.  REPENTER is the first in my series of novels depicting Ashe Stelfire.  First up is REPENTER.  It depicts his struggle against his former lover, Nirva Silv, the craft Corsis, and the A Pox, a disease that makes disturbing conversation with you as it rots away your body.


The road to publication begins with a submission to Angry Robot Books.  They currently have an open door during the month of March.  I’ll be submitting to them in the next week or two, and we’ll see where it goes from there.


Please feel free to look around the site, register and post on the message board.  A moderator will need to approve you initially, but you’ll be good to go after that.  Please feel free to also take the “Interested in Reading Repenter?” survey on the Home page after looking over the site’s content.


And if you have any friends who are fans of epic fantasy that’s a little bit comic book event story, a little bit “Final Fantasy”, a little bit film noir, and a whole lot of awesome, please send them on over.


Keep on keepin’ on.





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