Players of the Game Character Spotlight: Nunaker

Nunaker finds sentient bipeds fascinating.  So much so that she usually takes the form of a woman in formfitting armor.

She has no true shape.  She is a Lokna.  A being of silvery liquid.  Capable of forming all manner of weapons upon her body.  Simple ones, like blades.

Or more… elaborate instruments of harm, such as her dual, barb-covered tentacle whips that can rip through flesh with uncanny ease.

She partners with Ashe Stelfire’s team of fortune hunters for the thrill of the raid.  It exhilarates her.

As does the love of another partner, Jashir Iniv.  Her romance with the Sokenti assassin is vibrant and intense.

And woe to any who might take away the happiness it brings her.