Mancy Specializations

Mancy Specializations:

With study, all mancers can use different hexes.  However, those who choose to specialize reduce the consumption ethereal energy, create hexes of greater power, and the wherewithal to create exceedingly complex hexes that would take a non-specialized mancer decades to master.

Pyromancy: Fire and heat focused.

Chronomancy: Temporal distortion focused.

Mechmancy: Melding of ethereal energy into devices, simple or complex.

Gunmancy: A subset of mechmancy that focuses on ethereal applications on firearms.

Necromancy: Focused on the forces of death.

Aeromancy: Air and electricity based.

Geomancy: Ground and plant-life focused.

Hydromancy: Water and Ice oriented.

Martialmancy: Combat-oriented with an emphasis on speed of creation.

Fleshmancy: The twisting of biology to create abominations.

Astramancy: Manipulation of the properties of incorporeal realms.

Alchemancy: The conversion of ethereal energy into matter or transmutation of existing matter.

Quandrimancy: The amplification and conversion of different types of electromagnetic or ethereal energy.  Named after the Dragon, Quandric, who developed the discipline.

Mastermancy: The mastery of all forms of mancy.  This is limited to beings already possessing immense ethereal energy and centuries of experience.