Players of the Game Nation Spotlight: Yintu in the Shallow Sea

A hidden body of water lurks 20 trecs below the surface of eastern Jeea.

The Shallow Sea is only a thousand feet deep within its sparkling, luminescent cavern.  The immense pressure of the deep tributaries is negated by the cataclyze crystals that were created millennia earlier. 

So much so, that air fills the topmost portion of the subterranean sea’s cavern.  The enclosed water and air maintain oxygenation due to the ambient etherea generated by the crystals.

The nation of Yintu thrives within its depths, peopled by the bipedal, dolphin-like Cetari.  They are masters of submersible technology with vessels that can stand the crushing straits that connect the Shallow Seas to the oceans of the surface.

The Yintunese are reclusive. Distrustful.  And with good reason.  Their above-ground neighbors, the Holy Alliance, would invade them without hesitation if that dark empire ever learned of Yintu’s existence.

Still, this hidden nation has ambitions.

Ambitions that might ensnare the Breakers if they don’t take care in navigating the Shallow Sea’s waters.
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