Ed and Fern

Here’s an excerpt from Book 2.5 between Fernallus, a jocular Dragon disguised as a Human, and Ed, a hyper-powered swordsman:

Ed nodded.  “I’ll be fine.”
The blue-haired ward eyed Ed closer. 
One of his brown eyes temporarily took on a yellow hue with a slitted pupil before reverting back. “People who say, ‘I’ll be fine,’ aren’t.”
Ed shoved him with a crooked grin.  “I’ll be conflicted, but collected.  That suit you better?”
“Not really, but we’re going in regardless, so I’ll pretend like it does.”

Ed and Fern are among my favorite characters to write.  They’re very fun and a lot lighter than Ashe’s crew.  It will be most enjoyable to meld the two worlds together in later books.

Back to it.  Keep on powering the fight.

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