Elaine Nielsen’s book, “A Century on the Trail: Ogallala”

I made a very happy discovery today.  My late grandmother, Elaine Nielsen’s book, “A Century on the Trail: Ogallala” is back in print from Bison Books.  My wife showed it to me when we were at Barnes and Nobles.  I recall my aunt saying something about the University of Nebraska Press wanting to make a trade paperback of it, but I didn’t know it was this far along.  If you’re interested in reading a well-crafted retelling of frontier life in west Nebraska, you will enjoy this book.  The ISBN is 978-0-8032-3447-5 if you’re interested in tracking it down.  More than a decade after passing away, Elaine Nielsen continues to be a positive influence on me as a grandson and a writer.  When Repenter gets published, it’s getting dedicated to her.

word crafting

A fun thing about writing this kind of stuff is making up words.  I love the way they sound when you craft a new one.  Harcruazedur is a particular favorite.  I originally started of calling him Harcru, but I decided that I didn’t have as many five syllable names, so I added three more.  It’s a fun one to say:  Har-crew-az-ed-ur


He’s a 100 foot tall winged demon of fire and stone.  A General in the Palle army.  He would like very much to reap vengeance on a certain woman in red armor.

First Entry

Hi, everyone.  After years of writing and bunches of revisions, I’ve got my polished draft of Repenter ready to submit to literary agents.  It excites me to put my book up against all the other talent out there to see where it goes.  Repenter is a project near and dear to my heart.  I’ve got all kinds of ideas.  Some of them will even find their way on this website.  I intend to have a fun time on this journey and I hope many will join me.  More shall come in the future.