Editing. So much Editing

I spent a great deal of time editing the first 30 pages of Repenter in advance of sending them to the Nelson Literary Agency.  I made use of family and friends as proof readers.  The pages are about where I need them.  I think they pop.  Let’s hope our good friends in Denver agree.

Pitch Session was a success!

I was invited to submit a query letter and the first 30 pages of Repenter!  Awesome news!  I also learned some invaluable lessons on pitching: Always, always have causality reasoned all the way through when presenting it.  And have a very firm grasp on what compels your main character.  Anita Mumm was very gracious in asking probing questions to arrive at the answers these important pieces of story elements.  So to reiterate: The foot is officially in the door true believers!

Welcome to the middle of the novel

A bit more than halfway through the 2nd book, The Bloody Empress.  Enjoying it immensely.  I limited my previous sci fi presentation at the NWW to elements of sci fi like time travel mechanics.  The new presentation this week will involve creating timelines and maps.  A person from the World Herald might be there too reporting on the NWW over the next few weeks.  I’m now reading the “Game” novels, just finished the “Of Thrones” variety, about to begin the “Hunger” flavor now.  And of course I’ll continue to write of Corsis’s Game in mine.  Carry on, I say.  Carry on.

Think of Something Icky

I’m in the midst of re-writing a scene depicting a horrific chasm in the ground filled with grey, undulating cavities and filled with what will end up being either monstrous worm things, monstrous spider things, or a whole mess of monstrous bugs of all varieties.  In fact, having just written that sentence, it’s gotta be the latter.  If you’re creating anything, don’t be afraid to go with the icky things if the content demands it.  The line between truth and gratuity is fine indeed, but one that storytellers must tread.  Well, at least this storyteller must tread it.

Blog Schmog

I’ll be leading a discussion in the Nebraska Writers Workshop on Speculative Fiction world building in a few weeks.  Maps and timelines shall be made.  I anticipate there to be a great fluidity in the creation.  Made by committee yes, but still a fun exercise in revealing a hidden world that our world has yet to see.  Either way, I’m sure I’ll get marker ink on my fingers from the dry erase board.


Hey, all.  Still working on the new revision of The Bloody Empress.  And continuing to throw queries out for Repenter.  Hope all is well in your corner of the space of cyber.

New Stories Simmering

Howdy, all.


I’m still in the midst of finishing up The Bloody Empress.  I’m also knocking around the idea of writing a story involving a Jimmy Olsen/ Rick Jones type of character who realizes that he’s lived through decades of the same events as part of repeated continuity reboots.  More as that develops.


In the meantime, hope everyone is staying warm and happy this holiday season.