Origin of a Writer

I started writing when a good friend of mine went off to the Navy during my first year of college.  We enjoyed playing pen-and-paper role playing games such as Shadowrun and Rifts.  I kept running the multi-genre campaigns in his absence with rest of the gang.  I didn’t want him to lose touch with the group, so I followed the example of my grandmother and wrote a story.   Across oceans, snail mail brought the continuing adventures of our characters to him.  He enjoyed it immensely and wanted me to write more.


 The years passed as I chronicled the adventures of our characters.  My stories left the realms of the old role playing games and the characters no longer fit their cookie-cutter archetypes of origin.  Their epic adventures changed their universe for better and sometimes worse.  I effectively created my own continuity.  The gang went their separate ways as we entered the workforce. 


 Something changed within me.  I still had the storytelling itch.  Using my past writing experiences, I created new worlds, new characters and new facets to old favorites.  Then came the years of rough drafts and revisions.  Millions of words later, I came into my own as a writer.  I joined the Nebraska Writers Workshop and happily grew as a writer under their expert guidance.  Now, I embark on the latest adventure in writing.  I eagerly await the worlds to which it will take me.