Cover is a comin’

Fiction Works approved my brother Tony’s design and logo.  I still need to wait to share it.  However, here’s a quick description.  The Repenter logo is sans serif in sleek-looking all caps.  It kind of reminds me of molten metal.  The cover image is a 3-D rendering of Ashe’s bronze, demon mask, sitting on dark ground.  Once I get the ok, I’ll definitely share it. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I’m hoping to be better about content updates.  In the meantime, I’m kicking bass and taking games on the Bloody Empress.  Repenter is 100,000 words (415 pages).  The sequel will likely clock in a bit longer at 110,000, or a bit longer.  Of course, it’s still in the rough draft phase, so I’ll need to “kill my darlings” on some parts.  Happy 5th of July!

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