Ides of April Update

Howdy, one and all.  I attended the NWG writers conference this past weekend.  I got some very cool information about blogging from Jonathan Maberry during his presentation.  It’s not about me, it’s about others.  And that’s outstanding to know.

But one brief thing about me, just to be contradictory, I’m going to be working on the “gallies” for my ebook novel with my editor, Sally, very soon.  So it’s a last getting closer to being published.  Yay!  I’ll be working on getting links to purchase the book through various venues when the zero hour approaches.

Random plugs:

I started watching “House of Cards” on Netflix.  I enjoy it so far.  Well done.  Kevin Spacey plays bastards so well.  The wife character is also horribly fascinating too, especially what she makes a co-worker do in advance of doing the same to that same co-worker.

Read Saga by Brian K Vaughn through Image.  An outstanding sci-fi fantasy comic book with well-drawn characters (in both senses).  Lying Cat is one of the best fictional animals ever.

Play Mass Effect 3.  The ending is poignant and haunting in my opinion.  If you can handle a bittersweet finale, its well worth your time.  Joker is always fun.  Seth Green walks the line between comedy and drama well.

Read Star Carrier: Earth Strike by Ian Douglas.  “Zorch” is my favorite new, made up word.  It means to fly very fast.

Keep on believing.



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