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In addition to the New Players: Origins bonus content that is coming this summer, I’m kicking off fun in the sun with an update to the ebook version of Repenter for subscribers to my reader group emails. 

It’s free.

If you haven’t yet gotten an electronic copy of Repenter and the Hidden Chapters anthology, now’s the time to do it.  Just enter your name and email address, and you’ll be subscribed to the reader group emails. Unsubscribe at any time.

Get them and enjoy!
Get Repenter and The Hidden Chapters on the House
In case you’re wondering why Repenter is still $0.99 on the Kindle store, that’s as cheap as I can make it through Kindle Direct Publishing.  I have a decent number of readers who prefer to have a paperback version of Repenter, and in order to keep the paperback version, I have to keep using the Kindle store’s minimum price.  Someday, I might switch to something like IngramSpark for paper publishing, but for now KDP is far easier.
Players of the Game Works In Progress
I’m up to page 212 with 60,000 words on the Game War’s first draft.  Last month’s stats were page 165 with 45, 500 words.  I’m happy with that, especially considering that had a minor productivity dip in late April.  I’m in the middle of creating some events that are a bit tough to write with some plot and character elements.  As with all things in writing, killing your darlings sometimes is needed.
Recommendation Corner
Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

This movie was just fantastic.  Like lots of stuff in the MCU lately, it involves parallel realities.  But the Daniels’ latest movie leans hardcore into surreal and silly, especially with the hot dog fingers dimension.  The movie has a lot of heart and is ultimately about life is influenced by your relationships with family members and the decisions you make.  Michelle Yeoh in particular does a fantastic job playing so many versions of her embittered character.  I often make the case that the inclusion of a raccoon in a movie can only improve it.  This movie only strengthens that argument.  Give it a watch.

Day Zero by C Robert Cargill

This is a prequel book to Sea of Rust.  Instead of featuring the guilt-stricken and haunted Brittle, this novel focuses on a stuff-animal tiger nanny bot named Pounce who finds himself on the losing side of the robot apocalypse when he makes the choice to keep protecting his boy, Ezra.  It’s an exploration of free will and the bad choices that have to be made when the world falls apart.  The audio book reader, Vikas Adam, also does a great job of giving Pounce a loving and gruff voice.
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