Obsession with Tactics and New Family Member Pending

I spent much of the last week obsessed with a tactics game’s Kickstarter status.  It’s called Unsung Story, by many of the same people who made Final Fantasy Tactics back in the late 90’s.  I loved playing that game.  Something about outmaneuvering opponents who invariably hold the tactical advantage on the high ground hit the right notes for me.  I initially saw Unsung Story in January, donated $20 bucks and stopped thinking about it, figuring that they’d make their funding and stretch goals easily.  That wasn’t to be the case.  This past week they were $125k, short of their funding goal.  The thought of not having this game created drove me a bit batty, I’ll admit.  I found myself checking the funding progress, donated a little more cash to the cause, and then looked at the funding goal more.  Thankfully, they made their goal and will move their crowdfunding to Paypal.  So I was happy.  It was very much another life lesson that my tastes are not always necessarily the most popular.  But they’re popular enough by thunder!

I’ve also been dabbling with some outlining software called YWriter that’s actually pretty cool.  I tried Scrivener at Kent Siever’s recommendation, but I found that I didn’t really care for the interface on the PC version.  The Mac version appeared to be superior.  And YWriter is free.  I’ve been outlining more of The New Players latter sections, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot, so that’s always good as well.

Also I’ll be an uncle thrice over as of tomorrow when my brother and sister-in-law have their third child, so that will be a cause for celebration.  Like a birthday or something to that effect.

In the words of Homestar Runner: “Hooway!”

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