Origin of a Writer

I started writing when a good friend of mine went off to the Navy during my first year of college.  We enjoyed playing pen-and-paper role playing games such as Shadowrun and Rifts.  I kept running the multi-genre campaigns in his absence with rest of the gang.  I didn’t want him to lose touch with the group, so I followed the example of my grandmother and wrote a story.   Across oceans, snail mail brought the continuing adventures of our characters to him.  He enjoyed it immensely and wanted me to write more.


 The years passed as I chronicled the adventures of our characters.  My stories left the realms of the old role playing games and the characters no longer fit their cookie-cutter archetypes of origin.  Their epic adventures changed their universe for better and sometimes worse.  I effectively created my own continuity.  The gang went their separate ways as we entered the workforce. 


 Something changed within me.  I still had the storytelling itch.  Using my past writing experiences, I created new worlds, new characters and new facets to old favorites.  Then came the years of rough drafts and revisions.  Millions of words later, I came into my own as a writer.  I joined the Nebraska Writers Workshop and happily grew as a writer under their expert guidance.  Now, I embark on the latest adventure in writing.  I eagerly await the worlds to which it will take me.

Trojisi Calendar background

Multiple realms including Sufrinzon adopted the Trojisi Calendar after the Eruption due to the influence of the Holy Alliance, the Union Cities and New Grelland on inter-realm commerce, politics, and warfare.  The calendar is divided in to six bi-months.  A bi-month marks the approximate time of 65 days that the moon of Pathine takes to revolve around Trojis.  In ages past, Drathine’s shorter revolution time of 32 days was used to measure twelve months, but this ceased when a breathable atmosphere was discovered on Pathine.  The calendar was changed to commemorate this discovery.

The Trojisi year has 389 days, each lasting 24 hours.  The following bi-months comprise the calendar:

1)      Pyrene: 63 days. 

2)      Blite: 67 days.

3)      Trires: 64 days.

4)      Quatres: 65 days. 

5)      Quintember: 65 days.

6)      Hexember: 65 days.

The Trojisi week consists of seven days:

1)      Firstday

2)      Lunday

3)      Twilday

4)      Winday

5)      Zorsday

6)      Felday

7)      Farday

The ambient ethereal energy in Trojis, Sufrinzon, and their related realms extends all mortal life by a factor of six percent.

First Entry

Hi, everyone.  After years of writing and bunches of revisions, I’ve got my polished draft of Repenter ready to submit to literary agents.  It excites me to put my book up against all the other talent out there to see where it goes.  Repenter is a project near and dear to my heart.  I’ve got all kinds of ideas.  Some of them will even find their way on this website.  I intend to have a fun time on this journey and I hope many will join me.  More shall come in the future.



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In a demonic world war, a fiery brigand must overcome his thirst for revenge to annihilate a sentient disease.

The ruthless magician Ashe Stelfire has much for which he will not repent: burning an ancient forest, abandoning friends, and failing to search for his kidnapped infant daughter.  This changes when the depraved manipulator Corsis embroils Ashe in a technological and mystical war where the guns are deadlier, the swords are sharper, and the worst weapon of all is invisible to the eye.  After Corsis orchestrates the theft of a vial containing an intelligent germ weapon, Ashe’s grown daughter returns to beg for his help to destroy it.  Much will be lost and the urge for retribution great.  However, if the realms have any hope of surviving the looming pandemic, he will have to repent.

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