Upcoming Library Reading and Submission Status

Breaking news.  Or at least kind of bending news.


I will be reading at the Hollis and Helen Baright Public Library in Ralston, NE this Sunday 9/18/11 sometime between 2 and 4 pm.  I’ll be reading the first chapter of Repenter.  Other members of the Nebraska Writers Workshop will also be reading from their novels or short stories.  Come on out and celebrate the spinning of yarns.


In other news, I have Repenter tweaked up, and am submitting it to Fox Literary.  We shall see where that goes.  Well, it goes through the internet and its shadowy servers of uncertain security.  Or it goes with so if you’re misquoting Kurt Vonnegut.  In any event, momentum builds, worlds rise, and hope springs eternal in this little corner of cyberness.


Later gators.



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