Players of the Game Nation Spotlight: The Holy Alliance

Few designs evoke such revulsion throughout the free nations of Trojis as the simple flag of the Holy Alliance.  The black diamond on a grey field often portends violence and suffering of those who stand against them.

They are not an Alliance.  And they are far from Holy.
The empire came into being during the Holy War sixteen centuries in the past.  Starm, the Dragon God of Power, united or subjugated the other Dragon clans, bringing them under his sway.  Their path of conquest led to the Eruption, which forever altered the planet, throwing into decades of chaos.

But Starm’s lot recovered and rebuilt before its rivals.  The empire enlisted Demons and Titans during its long expansion.  The sadistic Dragon’s nation conquered half the the super continent of Jeea in the elapsing age.

Those surviving nations in the west have been hardened through long centuries of wars and skirmishes.

Yet things have worsened in the recent years.  The Alliance always craves more.  Starm derives his might through those subjugated under his banner, whether willing or unwilling.

And Corsis has recently provided them with new weapons and equipment that meld both magic and technology.

The Holy Alliance will use them in atrocities both known and hidden.

They excel at being worse than you think.
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