Comics Wednesday 6/12/13 plus an Amazon email and props to the dearly departed

You know what day it is.  Wed to the Nesday.  Comics are purchased at Krypton Comics.  Ranked from least to best, they are.  Read I shall some day when my heart is pure.  Mmm, yes.  (That’s supposed to be a Yoda voice.)


Harbinger Wars #3: As indicated earlier, love the new Valiant line.  And I loved HARD Corps back in the 90’s.  They’re back.  I’m in.


Thor: God of Thunder #9: Thor is a character who lives and dies by his creative team. This crew is doing swimmingly.  The son of Odin is followed by me anon!


Guardians of the Galaxy #3: Forget that I love Bendis, McNiven, these characters, and space.  The cover has Rocket Raccoon with a gun.  SOLD!


Light week this time around.  A few quick other items.  I got an email from Amazon advertizing new sci fi books and Repenter was in the subject line and showed up first of the list.  That’s gotta be good, right?


Also, my wife’s grandfather, Earl Searson, passed away this week.  He was a great story-teller and had ample character.  He shall be missed.


That’s all this for this week.


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