Comics Wednesday 6/19/13

Yello, everybody.  Heavy week this time around with my purchase from Krypton Comics, so I’ll jump right in with ranks of least to best:

Fantastic Four #9: This one is not popping as much as I’m wanting it to.  Not bad by any means.  Just not popping.

BPRD #108:  Always enjoy the creepy vibe, but needs more weird agents.  Too many regular humans.

Harbinger #13: I really enjoy this new take.  Especially the variant 8-bit cover.

Bloodshot #12:  Ditto for this one, but it did lose me earlier on.  We’ll see if it can keep me beyond the crossover.

Hulk #9: Mark Waid’s take on the Hulk is refreshing.  Embrace your inner need to smash.

X-Factor #258: It’ll be interesting to see how PAD draws this to a close.

Revival #11: The cover alone made me want this one.  This series is fabulous.

New Avengers #7: I like the addition of Beast to the Illuminati.  Cool concept to see a bunch of smart guys trying to save reality.


Avengers # 14: Cannonball is a favorite B character of mine.  Glad he’s getting more exposure.


Uncanny Avengers #9: Got a slow burn of cool building on this one.


Age of Ultron #10: Polybagged for my protection.  Yay.  I’ll read it anyway.


Also caught Man of Steel on the big screen.  I went in expecting a super-punchy action movie and got exactly that.  A few moments of clunky dialogue, but pretty good in my reckoning.  I give it a B+.


Other posts to come.


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