Libraries and Pending Hidden Chapters

Hey, all.  I’ve decided it’s too tedious to list all the new comics I purchase each week, so I’ll limit it to the ones of note.  Lazarus #1 from Image looks very cool this week.  I’ve actually made a dent in my pile, so this one is next up.

I’ve been told that Repenter is now available on Overdrive (the ebook hub for libraries).  I took a look on the Omaha libraries on my Google Nexus, and didn’t find anything yet.  Hoping it shows up for others.

I’m currently writing a series of hidden chapters for Repenter that I’m going to self-publish for free through Amazon or Smashwords.  The aim is to entice new readers to purchase the novel proper.  Should be about 50-100 pages of new content, including the Cigars with Mom and Post-Coital Design Advice short stories from the website.

Also getting my first royalty payment soon.  I’ll be happy with any sum, honestly tis a journey, not a destination.

Getting back at it.  Keep on machining the rage.

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